Operator Certification

Standard Arabia provides programs that include qualification and certification for personnel who use cranes, earth Moving and rigging to perform their jobs. We also produce products of the highest quality..

We highly recommend that cranes are only operated by personnel who: •

  • Have received proper training and evaluation by a competent instructor
  • Are able to explain and apply all recommended crane safety and operating procedures
  • Know proper hand signals
  • Are able to make precision lifts

    Our team of experienced instructors are available at remote locations including rigs and offshore sites. Training sessions can be organized within a minimum notice period of 24 Hrs. and courses can be customized to suit specific requirements.

    The programs include both theoretic and practical sessions to assure a complete learning experience for all levels of participants.

The Benefits of Heavy Equipment Certification •

  • Employers know that certified operators are safer and more proficient than those who are not.
  • Employers are having a hard time finding qualified operators. Certification makes you exactly what they’re looking for
  • You will be confident in your skills as a heavy equipment operator, and know that you can make an impact on any job-site
  • Certification makes you more employable, and more likely to find a long-term position.

Certification Programs

  • Crane Operators
  • Earth Moving Equipment Operator
  • Industrial Equipment Operator
  • Riggers Certification
  • Scaffolding Inspector, Supervisor and Erector Certification
  • Welders Certification